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All Kinds of Tents

With our extensive knowledge about tents, we commit to delight our customers with high quality products. By understanding and communicating with our clients, we exceed their expectations. Over the years we have been successfully designing, manufacturing, and installing tents for the military, refugees, majalis, parking spaces, safaris, exhibitions, hotel entrances, weddings, Ramadan affairs, camping, churches, funeral, dispensary, family relief, hanger, beaches, and labor events.

We are providing the highest quality tents for sale at the best prices. Before we ship out our tents, each piece is completely set up and inspected from scratch. We also examine every roll of all our fabrics for waterproofness, abrasion resistance, proper color, and hand and weight properties. A significant sampling of our floor fabric rolls and outer tents are also scrutinized for tear strength, and also for color resistance to light and color consistency in the case of outer tent fabrics. Our tent floor fabrics undergo rigorous “tapability” testing as well, in addition to more standard tests. We also make sure that webbing, fasteners, zippers, and poles meet the most stringent quality criteria.