5 Types to Consider Before Choosing the Right Shade Canopy

5 Types to Consider Before Choosing the Right Shade Canopy

The right shade canopy can add great style and colorful flair to your patio, deck or yard. Even on a hot sunny day, you can delve in the outdoors, enjoy with your friends, have your morning coffee or evening snacks while enjoying the shade and the ultimate comfort they provide. There are lots of shade canopy options available to choose from, so it can a bit tricky to choose one that best fits your outdoor space.

From open shade canopy, full cassette canopies, pop up canopy, and pergola, to portable garage or carports and garden canopies, they are available in a wide array of sizes, colors, and fabrics. Depending on the needs and your use, you can choose one that caters to your needs, style, and budget.

Here are five types of shade canopies and some important considerations you should keep in mind while choosing the right shade canopy for your patio.

  1. Retractable Canopies

Retractable canopies constitute a metal framework covered with hard-wearing fabric. The framework is usually mounted directly to the brickwork of your patio. The best part about installing these canopies is that they can be easily opened and retracted, either manually, or with the help of a hand crank or an automatic electronic system. Plus, the shade structure is sturdy enough and will last for a long time. They provide the ultimate shade and can be conveniently rolled up when not in use. Keep in mind that retractable canopies are not the permanent shade option for your outdoor space.

Retractable canopies can be installed easily on your patio, deck or yard. Whether you want shelter from the scorching sunlight or want to enjoy the sunshine in your garden during winter, retractable awnings are the best shading option for all types of weather.

  1. Full Cassette Awnings

Another great and handy shading option for your patio or deck is the full cassette awning. This type of shade canopy is in essence an enclosed awning where the roller, fabric cover and arms are totally protected and stored in an encompassing cassette when retracted. The awning can be opened as much as you wish or up to its full projection when needed. In addition, wind and light sensors close the awning when it’s windy and reopen it once the weather settles. In the same way, the lights turn on automatically when it’s getting dark and turn off when its too luminous. You can find a wide array of colors, fabrics, and finishes to make sure your new awnings suit your patio. You can install full cassette awnings to enhance the aesthetic value of your outdoor space.

  1. Patio Canopies

Whether you are a business owner looking for the perfect awning option to provide your clients with the ultimate comfort during a corporate get-together, or a homeowner who simply wants some protection for your patio, deck or garden when you sit outside in the summer to spend some quality time with your family, a patio awning could be the ideal fit for you. Patio canopies are perfect for providing ultimate shade over your patio area, creating a cool and shady environment for you to relax in when the temperatures get too high in the summer months.

  1. Canopy Awnings

It is a perfect and permanent shade option for your patio that is supported by a solid framework which is bolted to the patio. The sturdy fabrics of most Canopy awnings make for a durable outdoor shade structure that can last for years. The awning fabrics come in pyramid roof style and hip roof style, you can choose from a wide array of colors for your outdoor space. You can enhance the look and feel of the canopy by installing lights on the framework. It is the best canopy for smaller patios that can provide maximum shading and the fabric won’t tear. The structure is sturdy enough and has the potential to withstand harsh weather conditions.

  1. Intelligent Sun/Wind Sensor Canopies

If you want to choose a high-tech shade option for your patio, installing intelligent sun and wind sensor awnings is a sensible option. These awnings are especially built with a cutting-edge technology of sun sensors that automatically extend or retract awnings depending on whether the sun is blazing brazenly or hidden behind the cloud cover. The best part about these intelligent canopies is that they are wind sensors and can automatically retract your awnings in blowy conditions. It prevents the awning fabric from being torn or damage while enhancing the durability of the awning.

To Wrap Things Up

Shade canopies are a huge investment, so before making a purchasing decision, you need to make sure that the type of shade canopy you are considering is able to withstand extreme weather conditions such as heavy rains and winds and provide ultimate shade and protection from sunlight. Invest in a high-quality shade canopy and enjoy your evenings out on the patio.