7 Types of Family Tents – Which One Do You Choose?

7 Types of Family Tents – Which One Do You Choose?

Buying a high-quality tent from tent suppliers in Dubai is a difficult undertaking that takes a lot of time and research. If you are planning to embark on a weekend camping trip, a family camping holiday, or a backpacking trip, you need to make sure that you have packed all of your camping essentials. One of the most important things that you need to lug along is is your tent.

There are a wide array of family tents available to choose from, but the questions remains, which one caters to your needs. Before making a buying decision, you need to take some considerations in mind, such as the location where you will be staying, the type of camping trip you want to undertake, the number of family members and your overall budget.

Take a look at these seven tent types that can definitely help you make a well-informed decision when visiting tent suppliers in Dubai.

Vis-à-vis Tents

Vis-à-vis tents are especially designed to accommodate large families, and house two sleeping sections that meet at an internal spacious, communal area. These extra sections in the structure are designed in a dome or tunnel style and are kept separate from one another to provide ample comfort, privacy, and the best of amenities. The design features multi-bedrooms with separate entrances, allowing large families to live together comfortably. Because of their huge size and a rather tricky installation process, these tents are not apt for backpacking. Family tents work best for car camping trips, traveling with friends, or simply if you are looking to glean a little privacy in your own compartment and a covered area to relax together in the evening.

Pop-up Tent

Designed for two, Pop-up tents can easily be installed and take shape without even requiring construction or any manual effort. All you need to do is to take them out of the bag and pull them open and viola! you have your own comfortable abode. They hardly take a few seconds to assemble and tent suppliers in Dubai can help you with that. They are lightweight and easy to carry, making them a perfect family tent option for festivals and occasional camping trips.

Ridge Tent

The ridge tent is instantly recognizable for its retro shape, and is constructed using two poles at each side, creating a simple triangular design. The tent design is popular for its sturdy build and ease of pitching. Ridge tents come in a number of styles, ranging from one or two-person quarters to spacious marquees. Since you won’t get much headroom on either side, even in the largest units due to the height constraints, these family tents are a good choice if you are only using the tent for sleeping in.

Dome Tent

Dome tents are the most popular family camping tent styles that are relatively easy to install, and provide a large living space which makes them suitable for large families. The interlocking pole system provides a simple webbing structure that is responsible for holding the tent in place. The curved pole structure has two to three poles crossing in the middle to create a square and hexagon-shaped dome. Dome tents are easy to install and transport and can be used for a wide range of campsites. Due to their enhanced stability, they can withstand a fair amount of wind and rain, but unlike ridge tents, dome tents are not an ideal fit for harsh weather conditions.

Geodesic and Semi-geodesic Tents

Akin to dome tents, geodesic tents have the same structure but with a few extra poles that intersect each other to create a triangular space. The strong structure can withstand extreme weather conditions such as heavy wind and rain without collapsing. This all-weather tent style is ideal for harsh weather conditions and voyages, especially when mountaineering.

However, semi-geodesic tents follow the same principle but is equipped with fewer poles that create a lighter and more streamlined design. They are fabricated in small sizes, and offer a more compact style and shape, making them a suitable choice for backpacking. The semi-geodesic design features an aerodynamic shape with excellent stability, enabling it to withstand wind and rain.

The best part about purchasing geodesic tent is that they are available in a myriad sizes and their sturdy structure makes them a perfect fit for windy campsites. The versatile design provides more internal space and good headroom. The tent is durable enough to last longer than the average tent due to its sturdy, technical build.

Inflatable Tents

The inflatable tent is a relatively new tent style that is lightweight and has a flexible configuration. The structure doesn’t feature poles and has hollow panels that fill with air to create a firm structure. The pole-less structure of inflatable tents makes them a better option for car camping and large campsites. One of the best benefits of purchasing inflatable tent is that it offers plenty of headroom, provides comfortable and spacious space for sleeping. It can easily be installed by simply using a pump to inflate and can be easily carried out.

Backpacking Tents

A compact backpacking tent is easy to install, lightweight and tailored with practicality in mind. It is the best tent option for hikers because of its compact style and small size. Backpacking tents have the potential to withstand extreme weather conditions. Backpacking tents come in a myriad of styles, can easily be carried out throughout the day.

To Sum Things Up

So, these are the seven quality tent options that you can consider for your next camping trip. Knowing the types of tents can make the selection easier and hassle-free. Whether you need a family, inflatable, festival or lightweight tents, you can purchase high-quality tents from one of the best tent suppliers in Dubai.