6 Stylish Patio Covering Options – Choose Which Will Work Best for Your Space

6 Stylish Patio Covering Options – Choose Which Will Work Best for Your Space

Regardless of the climate you live in, and the purpose you want your outdoor space to serve, there are many reasons for investing in patio covers. There is a lot of stylish patio covering options available to choose from such as umbrellas, trellis, canopy, pergola, shade sail, and lattice to protect your deck or patio from the blazing sun and add function and style both. Whether you are looking for complete shade coverage, full sun protection, or want to create a wow style statement, here are six stylish ways to cover your patio.

Let’s have a look at these functional patio covers to see what could work best for you.

1. Lattice Shade Structure

If you want to add a contemporary look to your outdoor space, opting for a lattice-like covering is a great option to invest in. A lattice-like structure is thinner and comprised of shaded pieces that create a rectangular structure. Make sure the wood that is used for lattice structure is durable enough to make the most of it. Cedar, redwood, and teak are a few best outside wood options that you can choose for lattice structure. In addition, adding fabric to lattice structure will give you some flexibility for shading control as well as enhance the overall aesthetics.

2. Install Cantilever Umbrellas

Installing a bright and colorful freestanding umbrella is a great option to spruce up your outdoor space while providing some relief from the scorching sunlight. A large outdoor umbrella can provide much-needed shade while you are outside having morning coffee or lunch. Since there is a huge variety of umbrellas available that you can choose for your outdoor space, installing a cantilever umbrella canopy is a cost-effective option as it can be installed anywhere and provide an optimal coverage and shade to block the sunlight from any direction it comes from. They come in a huge array of designs and colors, that can give your outdoor living space a vibrant look. When it comes to choosing the fabric for an umbrella, factors such as durability, fade resistance, UV protection, mold and mildew resistance and water resistance in mind.

3. Pergola Frames

If you want to give your outdoor space a more traditional look, considering a pergola is a great option. Pergola can add a real sense of a wonderful outdoor living area that is open to the sky, air, and nature. It will provide you a little bit of shade while still allowing you to absorb lots of vitamin D. Pergolas come in a myriad of designs such as traditional columns, rafters, and purlins. The cost of the pergola structure varies widely depending on the style and size you choose. These structures need continuous maintenance, unlike a cantilever shade canopy that can easily be put away after the season. However, choosing low-maintenance materials such as acrylic trim boards, fiberglass columns and woods can allow you to make the most of your outdoor space rather than cleaning, painting, and scraping.

4. Sail Shade

Sail shades are a creative and functional way to cover your patio that provide a lot of benefits. Since there is a wide variety of sun shade sail canopies available to choose from, you can experiment with multiple shades, colors, and configurations to achieve the most appealing and functional patio cover that provides complete shade and weather protection to your outdoor space.

5. Trellis Canopy

You can simply take your trellis to a completely whole new level by simply loading up on greenery. If truth be told, plants are the best patio canopies that provide the most shade needed. You can add some pieces of furniture and outdoor fairy lights to transform the overall look of your patio or deck.

6. Laser Cut Metal Screens

Laser cut metal screens are indeed the most creative option to cover your patio that look aesthetically appealing. These screens not only look beautiful and versatile, but they also provide maximum shade, proper lighting, and ventilation. It is a perfect option to add a wow factor and enhance the aesthetic value of your outdoor space. Decorative screens with fewer holes and greater depth can function as an awning that offers more privacy, protection, and shade.

It’s Time to Spice up Your Patio  

So, these are some exceptional and functional patio covers that you can choose to take the look of your outdoor space to a whole new level while fully enjoying the outdoors without harmful, scorching sunlight. You can choose the patio shade structure that best fits with your style and needs, increases your home’s value, keeps your outdoor space cooler and more comfortable and deliver the maximum sun protection.