6 Mind-Blowing Tips to Transform Your Bedroom into a Lavish Hotel Room

6 Mind-Blowing Tips to Transform Your Bedroom into a Lavish Hotel Room

The bedroom is a true reflection of your taste and design style and serves as the most pampering space in your home. It is the most challenging task to decorate your bedroom, especially when it comes to achieving a luxe, hotel-like bedroom decked out with opulent hotel shades, chic furnishings, plush carpetings, and artful decor. If you are thinking to revamp the look and feel of your bedroom, here are some amazing style tips and design tricks that can help you create a luxurious and fancy bedroom of your dreams.

Style Your Bed Pillows

To refurbish your bedroom, you can start with investing in a couple of extremely cozy and chic pillows to amp up the comfort level of the space and create a pleasant ambiance. Investing in top quality bedding and pillows helps you create a relaxing space inside your bedroom. Choose practical pillows that you can use to sleep peacefully and sit propped up comfortably against the bedhead. If you are someone who don’t like having lots of pillows cloistering your bed, stick with four standard pillows and arrange them in a way to create a sleek and simple look.

Select a Peaceful Color Palette

Choosing the right paint color matters most for every room in the house, but when it comes to creating a relaxing vibe in the bedroom, picking the right color palette is absolutely crucial. A neutral color palette of soft hues leads to a relaxing, serene sense of mind. In addition, neutral drapery and upholstery work perfectly together to create a peaceful space where you can escape the chaos of the day. Skip the dark shades and go for creamy white, blue and beige color theme.

Upgrade Your Lampshades

If you are looking for some innovative ways to give your existing bedroom décor a reviving look, upgrading your lampshades is an affordable option to consider. In fact, lighting is the simplest and most effective way to create a hotel-like bedroom. Lamplights create a softer and alluring glow than regular overhead lighting. Replace your basic, uninspired ready-made lampshades with metallic bases or simply add a touch of sheen on the lamp shades to create a more glamorous look. You can also install chandeliers, pendants and dimmers to get the suitable amount of light day and night.

Choose the Right Window Shade

To add a touch of glamour and style to your bedroom, follow the conventional hotel shades formula of a sheer curtains and roller shades. These coveted window treatments take minimum space whether they are rolled up or down. They give the space a neat and tidy look while making the room minimally classy with the aesthetic value, softness and privacy they bring. Whether the color scheme of your bedroom is dark or light, roller blinds are versatile enough and create a chic look that goes perfectly well with the hues of your bedroom. You can also opt for solar screen shades that allow light in, control heat and glare and provide maximum privacy. There are many manufacturers that provide quality hotel shades in Dubai, you can choose the one that best meet your unique set of needs.

Add Green Goodness

Adding indoor plants and flowers can create a big impact on how elegant your hotel-like bedroom feels. Plants will not only provide a brilliant look, but they also provide many health benefits. Choose the type of flowers with gentle scent and are abundant in season. Elegant, aromatic arrangements of flowers can transform your bedroom into a luxurious, beautiful space. You can also add greenery to your room with some house plants such as orchids with elegant flowers that bloom in cycles. Make sure that the plants you select for your bedroom will suit the lighting availability in your room. You can add plants to your bedroom in a number of ways from pots on window sills, hanging planters, to pot plant stands, or simply rest them on your furnishings. The possibilities are nearly endless, and results are always mind-blowing.

Keep it Clutter Free

Keep your bedroom cozy by keeping it simple and understated. Believe it or not, accessorizing your bedroom is a skill. Too many accessories can make the space cluttered. Follow the workable strategy,” less is more”. It is advised to carefully choose the décor items, flowers, hotel shades, and artwork that lightens up your mood, make the space feels personal and instantly elevate the space. So, choose items that are functional and stylish at the same time.

Over to You

A bedroom is a haven for sleep that can be used for multipurpose. By making some tweaks, introducing well-curated, clutter-free décor and rearranging some items can instantly transform your bedroom into a luxurious, beautiful and fancy hotel bedroom.